The Effects of the Bantu Migration

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The Effects of the Bantu Migration

A map showing the movement of the Bantu from the North. Image credit

A map showing the movement of the Bantu from the North. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Effects of the Bantu Migration

The following effects resulted from the Bantu migration to the South:

  • The spread in the use of iron technology and knowledge.
  • There were improvements in the methods used to make and forge iron.
  • This led to an increase in food production as better tools were made.
  • Led to the domestication of cattle which were used to pay the bride’s price and as an insurance against droughts.
  • Led to improvements in crop cultivation-also a variety of sorghum and millets were introduced.
  • This led to a change from hunting and gathering to agri-based communities which were more sedentary.
  • These were used for making thick porridge and for brewing beer.
  • Led to the spread of religion which was used as a way to unite the people.
  • The divine right of kings as defined in most religions helped to keep rebellions in check.
  • The creation of states in Central and Southern Africa.
  • This was helped by the creation of more permanent systems.
  • It also resulted in the movement of Khoi-San communities to remote areas and mountains where they continue to live to this day e.g. in the Kalahari.
  • Bantu migration also led to the loss of culture of the local Khoi-San communities that remained on the land as they were absorbed into the Bantu culture.

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