Steel making

Steel beams. Image credit

Steel beams. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Steel making

  • The iron from the oxygen lance process is poured into a ladle and
  • Small amounts of other metals are mixed with it
  • It is mixed with metals such as:
  • manganese, cobalt, chromium or nickel is added to create different alloys
  • An alloy is a mixture of two or more different metals
  • These alloys of iron have different properties with makes them more suited for their intended uses
  • These alloys of iron are known as steels
  • The properties of each steel and their uses depend on the composition of the steel
  • There are several steels
  • Including:
  1. mild steel-has low carbon content, can be welded and is malleable and ductile
  2. medium steel-has increased tensile strength, is used to construct buildings,bridges, ships, locomotives, power pylons and to reinforce concrete
  3. high carbon steels-are used where tough, hard allows are required for example  razor blades, surgical instruments and drills
  4. Alloy steels-these include manganese steel which is very hard, chromium-vanadium steel which is very tough and stainless steel which contains chromium is rust resistant.

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