Self-selection and Self-service

////Self-selection and Self-service

Self-selection and Self-service

Buffet is an example of self-service. Image credit Media-Wiki

Buffet is an example of self-service. Image credit Media-Wiki

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Retail Trade: Self-selection and Self-service


  • is a method of selling goods used in department stores and variety chain stores
  • cash points are dotted throughout the store
  • a customer pays for an item at one cash point and then moves to another part of the shop and select a second item and pay for it at a different point.

Self service

It is a method of selling goods which allows the customer to:

  • examine or inspect the goods before buying
  • choose, pick, and select the wanted goods
  • get goods at low prices
  • shop at leisure
  • calculate total purchase price before paying
  • use baskets and trolleys when shopping
  • remember goods not on their shopping lists

Goods sold using self-service should be:

  • individually priced
  • well displayed according to use
  • well labelled
  • sold on cash basis
  • paid at check out points
  • branded and pre-packaged

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