Retailers and their functions

Retailers and their functions

OK Zimbabwe operates one of the country's most popular retail chains

OK Zimbabwe operates one of the country’s most popular retail chains. Image from the Chronicle.

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Retail Trade: Retailers and their functions

  • Retail means to cut into small pieces or to reduce to smaller quantities.
  • A retailer is a middleman between wholesalers and consumers, who sells small or single units.

Functions of the retailer to consumers

  • Retailers perform a number of essential functions to consumers all of which are invaluable.
  • breaking bulk of goods they buy from wholesalers and manufacturers
  • selling in small or single units
  • being conveniently located near customers
  • selling a variety of goods
  • giving advice and information to customers
  • advertising goods on behalf of manufacturers
  • opening for long hours and even during holidays.
  • They cater for individual tastes
  • While during the same time providing
  1. a local source of supply.
  2. personal service.
  3. delivery services.
  4. credit facilities
  5. after-sales services.

Functions of the Retailer to wholesalers and manufacturers

  • buys goods from manufacturers and wholesalers or provides a ready market for the manufacturer
  • buys goods in bulk
  • clears manufacturers’ production lines
  • advertises goods on behalf of manufacturers
  • stores goods

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