Reasons for the building of Great Zimbabwe Walls

////Reasons for the building of Great Zimbabwe Walls

Reasons for the building of Great Zimbabwe Walls

The Great Zimbabwe Walls. Image credit MediaWiki

The Great Zimbabwe Walls. Image credit MediaWiki

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes:Great Zimbabwe: Reasons for the Building of the Great Zimbabwe Walls

  1. It was built as a trading center.
  2. It was a Religious center.
  3. It was a dwelling place (for the royal family).
  4. It was a symbol of power.
  5. It was an administrative center.
  6. It was the mambo’s court.
  7. There were good pastures around the area and a lot of gold deposits as well as other environmental factors that favoured the establishment of a settlement in the area.
  8. It acted as a fortress in times of war.

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