Pier Bridge

A pier bridge. Image credit sehinc.com

A pier bridge. Image credit sehinc.com

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Pier Bridge

  • A simple bridge is also known as a span bridge
  • It is made up of reinforced concrete and
  • it spans across the gap
  • It’s maximum possible span (length which it transverses)
  • can be increased by building piers (pillars) to support the load
The components of a pier bridge

The components of a pier bridge

  • A pier bridge is ¬†supported by piers at the points of maximum stress
  • This is done using piers and abutments (at the end points of the bridge)
  • A pier bridge can also be improved by tensile reinforcement
  • This can be done by adding steel to the concrete at the bottom of the beam where tensile forces are at their greatest
Reinforcing a pier bridge

Reinforcing a pier bridge

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