Other types of warehouses

Other types of warehouses

Goods in a removals warehouse. Image credit office-removals.co.uk

Goods in a removals warehouse. Image credit office-removals.co.uk

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Warehousing: Other types of Warehouses

Distribution warehouse

  • They are used by manufacturers who cannot afford to have their own warehouse to store goods such as clothes and electrical appliances.
  • They are used to store goods from several manufacturers.
  • Distributes goods to customers.
  • Store goods awaiting collection by a manufacturer’s customers.

Removals” warehouses

  • They are owned by removal companies such as Biddulphs, Glens etc
  • The “removals” company: collects goods for storage and
  • delivers the goods when required.
  • They owners of the goods pay for the storage costs.

Just like with the other warehouses goods in any of the above warehouses can be:

  1. packed
  2. graded
  3. inspected
  4. branded
  5. left to mature
  6. sampled

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