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Notes for some subject topics are not yet complete. Complete topics are clickable. We are constantly working to complete the notes for each subject. For more go to the relevant subject’s homepage.

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Advanced Level Accounting Notes

Diligently written notes for Advanced Level Accounting. They cover both the outgoing and incoming syllabus. They are written using approachable language with worked examples and practice questions and answers. The notes cover Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting


Advanced Level Economics Notes

Well researched notes with in-depth coverage of various Economic Principles .Covered topics include Macro-economics and Micro-economics.With notes and graphs for all the relevant topics as well as locally inspired examples for topics such as inflation, price controls and links to past exam questions and answers


Advanced Level Geography Notes

Notes for both Physical and Human Geography topics to help you with your ZIMSEC examination preparations including local examples and case studies, selected options and locally inspired practicals such as Urban delimitation and links to questions.They are written in clear and concise terms with an emphasis on brevity


A Level Business Studies Notes

Notes for the latest syllabus with locally inspired examples for the relevant topics.These notes cover both the outgoing syllabus and the new Business Enterprise and Skills syllabus which are both comprehensively covered. The notes are written in clear and concise language that is approachable and easy to understand