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//Download Secondary Syllabus
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These syllabuses are provided as is we are not responsible for any errors in them.

Agriculture Form 1-4

Art Form 1 -4

Biology Form 3-4

Building Technology and Design Form 1-4

Business Enterprise and Skills Form 1-4

Combined Science Form 1-4

Chemistry Form 3-4

Commerce Form 1-4

Commercial Studies Form 1-4

Computer Science Form 1-4

Dance Form 1-4

Design and Technology Form 1-4

Economic History Form 1-4

English Language Form 1-4

Economics Form 1-4

Family and Religious Studies Form 1-4

Food Technology and Design Form 1-4

Foreign Languages Form 1-4

Physics Form 3-4

Principles of Accounting Form 1-4

Sociology Form 1-4

Geography Form 1-4

Guidance and Counseling Form 1-4

Heritage Studies Form 1-4

History Form 1-4

Home Management and Design Form 1-4

Indigenous Languages Form 1-4

Literature in Indigenous Languages Form 1-4

Life Skills and Orientation ProgramĀ 

Literature in English Form 1-4

Mathematics Form 1-4

Metal Technology and Design Form 1-4

Musical Arts Form 1-4

Statistics Form 3-4

Physical Education Form 1-4

Pure Mathematics Form 3-4

Technical Graphics and Design Form 1-4

Textile Technology and Design Form 1-4

Theatre Arts Form 1-4

Wood Technology and Design Form 1-4

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