Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Harare city council. Image credit bulawayo24.com

Harare city council. Image credit financialgazette.co.zw

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Local Authorities

Local authorities

  • Can be a city ( e.g. Harare City Council), rural ( e.g. Mutasa District Council) or district council.
  • Are controlled by the central government.
  • Owned by the local government.
  • Set up to administer a city, rural or district council.
  • They provide amenities to the communities they serve e.g. refuse collection, water purification, sewage disposal, road construction etc.
  • Their affairs are run by councillors who are elected by the residents of the communities which said authorities serve.
  • Affairs and accounts are made public.
  • They set by-laws.
  • Their powers are limited by Acts of Parliament e.g. the Urban Councils Act.

Sources of Revenue

  • Local authorities raise revenue through:
  • rents, rates and licences.
  • Taxes (levies) and subsidies from government.
  • Fines, profits and fees.
  • Sale and servicing of land.

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