Growth and Development in Animals

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Growth and Development in Animals

A day old chick. Image credit

A day old chick. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Integrated Science Notes: Growth and Development in Animals.

  • Animals use some of the energy from the food they eat to grow.
  • During the growth process an animal changes and matures into an adult.
  • This process is also known as development.
  • All animals need a wide range of foods in order for them to develop normally.
  • Food that is given to livestock animals known as rations.
  • The ration which an animal eats need to be balanced i.e.,
  • they should contain all the food groups, vitamins and mineral required for healthy growth.
  • As animals grow they need different amounts of each food group.
  • The quality of food is more important that the quantity of food.
  • It would be a waste to provide an animal with large amounts of food of the wrong kind.
  • With farm animals that are grown for profit this actually results in unnecessary and avoidable losses.
  • Good quality food contains all the necessary food groups.
Food typeFunction
Carbohydrates and lips (fats)For energy
ProteinsFor growth and repair
Vitamins and MineralsFor health and protection against disease

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