Fuel Engines

Most cars use fuel engine. Image credit ecurrent.fit.edu/blog/

Most cars use fuel engine. Image credit ecurrent.fit.edu/blog/

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Fuel Engines

  • A machine is a device that changes energy from one form to another
  • When the energy used by the machine is chemical energy the machine is called anĀ engine
  • Fuels store chemical energy that can be changed into heat and other forms of energy
  • Engines obtain their energy from combustion of/burning up the fuel
  • Engines should be as efficient as possible
  • The cost of running the engine
  • Its weight
  • Its noise and
  • Its level of pollution
  • have to be kept to a minimum
  • It is not possible for an engine to be 100% efficient
  • This is due to losses resulting from friction as well as other factors
  • Engines have cycles that they repeat and go through
  • This cycles come in the form of movements that are repeated over and over again
  • During the operation of a particular type of engine
  • The two most popular engines in the world are the
  • Petrol and
  • Diesel Engines
  • Each has features and cycles that are peculiar to it

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