Experiment: Generating electricity

////Experiment: Generating electricity

Experiment: Generating electricity

A dynamo. Image credit wikihow.com

A dynamo. Image credit wikihow.com

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Experiment: Generating electricity

Aim: To generate electric current

Materials: dynamo, lamp bulb, copper wires, crank or a set of pulleys and weights to turn dynamo, rubber band


  1. Set up the apparatus with the dynamo on a table, the rubber band acting as a conveyor belt, and the weights attached to pulleys.
  2. Attach the weight so that it turns the turbines as it falls
  3. Drop the weight to generate electricity

Results and Observations

  • The weight has potential energy when it is held stationary
  • As it falls the potential energy turns to kinetic energy
  • The turbine turns and rotates the dynamo which converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy


  • Generators convert kinetic energy into electrical energy

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