The energy crisis in Zimbabwe

////The energy crisis in Zimbabwe

The energy crisis in Zimbabwe

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ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Natural Resources: Energy:The energy crisis in Zimbabwe 

The energy crisis in Zimbabwe is demonstrated through the following:

  • Frequent shortages of petroleum and its products resulting in long queues for the scarce commodity at service stations.
  • Fluctuating prices in the process of petroleum and its products.
  • Higher prices on petroleum products when compared to prices in other countries
  • Rationing of these products.
  • Lateness at work due to transport problems which lead to reduced economic performances as a result
  • Due to extensive rural electrification and
  • A surge in urban population
  • Demand for electricity has exceeded by production
  • This increase in demand is counteracted by the closure of most industries
  • However Zimbabwe still produces less than half of the electricity need
  • This has led to planned or unplanned power cuts/ load shedding by ZESA.
  • Households going without crucial meals as a result.
  • People walking long distances in communal areas to fetch firewood.
  • Poaching of firewood leading to social conflicts.
  • Massive deforestation in rural and peri-urban areas.

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