Employer’s responses to industrial action

////Employer’s responses to industrial action

Employer’s responses to industrial action

ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Managing Human Resources: Trade Unions: Employer’s responses to industrial actions

  • When negotiations between employers and employees fail, employees may engage in industrial action
  • Employers may counter these actions using various methods including:
    1. Dismissal of offending employees
    2. Manipulation and cooptation- i.e. buy off the leaders of the industrial action
    3. Lockout the strikers
    4. Strike breaking which involves the hiring of replacement workers who are not part of the offending union
    5. Union firing i.e. firing the leaders of the union
    6. Strike preparation-taking actions that will shield the organisation from the effects of strike for example stocking up
    7. Government lobbying to create anti-strike laws
    8. Training to create a versatile workforce

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