Contraception: Diaphragm/Dutch cup

////Contraception: Diaphragm/Dutch cup

Contraception: Diaphragm/Dutch cup

A married couple. Image credit

A married couple. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes:Contraception:Diaphragm/Dutch cup

  • Is also known as a cervical cap

How it works

A diaphragm/cervical cap. Image credit

A diaphragm/cervical cap. Image credit

  • Rubber cap/dome placed into the vagine to cover cervix and prevent entry of sperms into the uterus
  • It must be used with spermicide to kill sperms


  • No health concerns
  • Used/inserted before sexual intercourse and therefore does not interrupt the act
  • May be reused for up to two years


  • Requires training so as to learn proper use
  • Always inserted before sexual intercourse
  • Not suitable after three/more natural deliveries

Side effects

  • Possible discomfort
  • Possible irritation from spermicide
  • Possible bladder infection

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