January 2019

Here Is How You Can View Your ZIMSEC Results Online

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ZIMSEC have shut down the results portal for this year. Apparently, there was a time window where you could view the results online and this has passed. You can no longer view results online. Go to your former school

You have probably heard that the results for the 2018 November ZIMSEC results are out. The other exciting bit of news […]

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2019 O Level ZIMSEC Results Are Out, You Can View Them Online

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If you want to view your results online please follow the instructions here

Good news everyone the 2019 O Level ZIMSEC results are now out. Even more good news you do not have to trudge to your centre in order to get them. In a new development you can now access your results online. Please note that you can […]

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August 2018

Introducing Online Lessons via WhatsApp

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Please note the prices below are in USD. Conversions to other currencies will be made using the prevailing market rates.

We have heard your calls and are now introducing WhatsApp revision sessions. Below are some details about the service

How much will it cost?

  • The service will start at $10 this will entitle you to up to two subjects with each […]
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January 2017

Tshaka’s military innovations

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Zulu war dance. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Zulu State: Tshaka’s military innovations

  • Shaka did away with most of the military tactics that had been in existence in Nguniland and improved them.


  • Shaka decided to abandon the long throwing spear assegai because he thought it was inefficient and replaced […]
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Our plans and hopes for 2016

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Almost two years ago we embarked on a journey to create an online resource center for those who are studying toward ZIMSEC examinations.We felt then, as we still do now to some extent, that the current sources available then were either lacking or not made with the Zimbabwean student in mind.

We live in an exciting world of apps, broadband and […]

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October 2016

Offline and on vacation

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Now I am back. Thank you all for your patience. Please note new sign ups for the Revision app are still suspended while we work on improving and streamlining the app experience. Notes and Exam updates should start appearing soon :).


I am currently on vacation for the next […]

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September 2016

We are launching an Android app-Updated

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We have now discontinued the app and decided to focus on providing more free notes before we relaunch the app.

A screenshot from the app. A screenshot from the app.

We have been promising it for a while and now we have finally gone and done it. We will be launching an Android […]

May 2016

Important update and notice from the creators of the site

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First I would like to thank you for being part of our community, we couldn’t exist without you the reader. A successful business is one that puts the customer’s needs and wants first and you should know that you are important to us and we exist to serve at your pleasure.

It has been over a year since this website was […]

February 2015