Weather and Climate

May 2015


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Lightining. Image by GreenSociety. Lightining. Image by GreenSociety. ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Weather Hazards: Lightining

  • Is typically caused by the physical characteristics of cumulonimbus weather conditions.
  • As rain drops fall the energy which they have causes a positive charge to develop at the top of a cloud and negative charges to develop […]

Unintentional changes to weather

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ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: People and Weather: Accidental Changes

Acid Rain

  • The smoke from burning fuels and chemical industries rises into the air and mixes with water vapour.
  • When the rain falls down it becomes acidic.
  • The acid rain is a weak acid made up of sulphuric and nitric acids.
  • Over, a long time (years for example), the rain […]
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