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October 2017

English Language: Descriptive compositions

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ZIMSEC English Language: Descriptive compositions

As part of your English Language course you will be required to write essays on a regular basis. Descriptive essays are part of this essay writing regimen. It is important to point out that every type of essay you will encounter at Ordinary Level will require some sort of description in them so you will […]

October 2015

How to write a summary

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ZIMSEC O Level English Language Notes: How to write a summary

  • Summary writing forms an integral part of the English paper 2 examination.
  • It contributes a hefty 20% towards your final English Language grade which is pretty substantial.
  • That makes it as important as the Guided English composition found in Section B of Paper 1 of the English […]

May 2015

Glossary of useful Register Words

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ZIMSEC Register Glossary of useful words

As a completing year student you will find the following list of words useful when answering your final public examination register questions. There are however two things that you should note:

  1. While this list of words was created and chosen to cover most common questions it is by no means exhaustive; it is not […]

English Language: Register: Matching questions

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Register Matching questions

For years now the fifth question (usually question e) ) in register has been a matching question. The question carries 2 marks and requires you to match 4 register items in the first column to four items in the second column with each correct answer you give being worth half a mark. In some rare instances the […]

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