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The enzyme amylase

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The enzyme amylase

Starch food. Image credit eurofins.com

Starch food. Image credit eurofins.com

ZIMSEC O Level Integrated Science Notes: The enzyme amylase

  • Energy in cells is obtained by breaking down food molecules during the respiration process.
  • The chemical reactions involved are carried out by enzymes.
  • Enzyme molecules also break down food molecules in the digestive system and carry out chemical reactions in the photosynthesis and gemination processes.
  • Enzymes are important because they speed the rate f reactions.
  • Catalyst-is any substance that speeds up the rate of reaction.
  • A catalyst can be organic or inorganic.
  • Catalysts do not take part in the reaction i.e. they are not changed chemically by the reaction.
  • Enzymes like amylase are organic catalysts.
  • Enzymes regulate metabolism.
  • Metabolism-are all the combined functions and processes that take place in living organisms.
  • Enzymes are protein molecules whose structure is complex and each enzyme can only catalyse one specific reaction.
  • Amylase is an enzyme found in saliva and pancreatic juices.
  • It converts starch into simple reducing sugars (maltose).

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