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Safety wear

Safety Equipment Image credit nextmundo.com

Safety Equipment Image credit nexomundo.com

ZIMSEC O Level Integrated Science Notes: Safety wear

  • Pesticides are dangerous and need to be handled with care.
  • The following equipment ought to be used when handling chemicals depending on the instructions of each chemical’s label and its usage directions.
Safe chemical use. Image credit arizona.edu

Safe chemical use. Image credit arizona.edu


Gloves. Image credit harborfreight.com

Gloves. Image credit harborfreight.com

  • Protect hands when handling chemicals.


Goggles. Image credit tricon-env.com

Goggles. Image credit tricon-env.com

  • To protect the eyes.

In addition the following may also be used.

  • Chemical resistant coveralls/overalls to protect the rest of the body.
  • A respirator to guard against chemical fumes.
  • Chemical resistant boots to protect the feet.

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