The Conical Tower at Great Zimbabwe

Paper 1: Southern Africa (African History)

1. Early Societies (Late Stone Age – Early Iron Age)
a) The Effects of the Bantu Migration

2. Great Zimbabwe
a) Reasons for the building of Great Zimbabwe
b) Social groups and crafts practised by the people at Great Zimbabwe.
c) The economic activities of Great Zimbabwe
d) Reasons for the rise of the Great Zimbabwe state
e) Reasons for the Fall of the Great Zimbabwe State

3. Mutapa Kingdom
a) The Origin and Rise of the Mutapa State
b) The Political Organisation of the Mutapa State
c) The economic organisation of the Mutapa State/Kingdom
d) The religious organisation of the Mutapa State
e) A List of Rulers in the Mutapa State/Kingdom
f) The Provinces of the Mutapa Kingdom/State
g) Trade in the Mutapa State/Kingdom
h) The Portuguese who visited the Mutapa Kingdom/State
i) Reasons for the rise of the Mutapa state
j) Methods used by the Portuguese to control the Mutapa State
k) Benefits and damage of the Portuguese activities to the Mutapa State
l) Reasons for the fall of the Mutapa State
m) The Mutapa rulers who resisted Portuguese control and those who cooperated
n) Crops grown by the Portuguese in their Prazos
o) The importance of cattle in the Mutapa and Rozvi states
p) The officials found at Mutapa Court in the Mutapa state
q) Did the people of the Mutapa state benefit from the expansion of the state?

4. a) Rozvi Kingdom
b) The importance of cattle in the Mutapa and Rozvi states
c) Government officials in the Rozvi State
d) Reasons for the fall of the Rozvi State

5. Ndebele Kingdom

The Scramble and Partition of Southern Africa.
1. The Industrial Revolution
a) Inventions made in the Industrial revolution
1. Zimbabwe 1894 – 1969

2. South Africa 1867 – 1910

Social and political developments (1953 – 1963).
1. Background politics 1923 – 1953

2. Reformist pressure politics 1953 – 1965

3. The Armed Struggle: 1966 – 1980

The Constitution of Zimbabwe
1. Social and economic developments

2. Political and judicial developments

3. Foreign policy

Paper 2: International Affairs (European History)

1. World War I:

a) Causes Part 1

b) Causes Part 2

c) Course of the First World War

d) Consequences.

2. Peace Treaties with the defeated powers

3. The League of Nations.

4. European Dictatorships:

a) Mussolini

b) Hitler

5 .Boom Depression and Recovery in the USA (1919 – 1939)

The Boom

The Great Depression


6. World War II: Causes, Course and Consequences.

Democracy And Human Rights.
1. Formative years (1919 – 1925)

2. Nationalists vs. Communists (1925 – 1949)

3. China under the Communists (1949 – 1976)

1. The United National Organisation
a) The Treaties and Steps taken to form the United Nations (UN)

2. The Organisation of African Unity 3. The Commonwealth