Stunning volcano and Lightning Sakurajima Japan image by Wired

Stunning volcano and Lightning Sakurajima Japan image by Wired

ZIMSEC Ordinary Level Geography (2248) Notes





1. Factors which influence vegetation
2.Climatic Regions of the World


1. Types of natural resources

2. The exploitation of natural resources

3. Population and resources

4. The effects of resource development

5. The conservation of resources

1. Factors influencing farming

2. The farming as a system

3. Farming types in Africa

1. Processing and Manufacturing Industries

2. Service Industries

Section C

1. Introduction
2. Siting and location of settlements

4. Zimbabwe’s towns and Cities
a. Harare
b. Bulawayo
c. Gweru
d. Mutare

6. Urban hierarchy and sphere of influence
7. District and service centers
B. Population
1. Introduction and importance of population studies

3. Registration as a source of population information
4. Sample surveys as a source of population information

6. Population Distribution in Zimbabwe
7. Population Distribution in Africa

8. Population growth, change and structure
a) Population growth
b) Population change
c) Population structure
9. Migration
a) Internal Migrations
b) International Migrations
c) The effects of migration
10. Refugees
a) The refugee problem
b) Problems caused by refugees and their solutions
11. Population and resources
a) Population and Land
b) Population and health

12. Terms used in Population studies
13. Killer diseases in the tropics

1. Transport: Introduction
2. Types of Transport

2. Transport in Zimbabwe
a) Roads in Zimbabwe
b) The railways in Zimbabwe
c) Air Transport in Zimbabwe
3. Transport in Africa
a) Railways, ports and inland waterways
b) Ports in Africa
c) Air Transport in Africa
d) Pipeline Transport in Africa

4. Transport Network analysis
5. Topological maps

6 Developments in modern transport
a) Road transport
b) Rail transport
c) Air transport
d) Longitude,time and the international date line

1 Introduction to trade
2. Factors influencing world trade
3. Trade between developing and developed nations
4. Ways in which developing countries can improve trade
5. Economic groupings

a) The Southern AFrican Development Community (SADC)
b) The benefits and problems facing SADC

6) Domestic Trade in Zimbabwe

7 Zimbabwe’s foreign Trade
a) Export Processing Zones
b) Informal Cross-border trade