Aerial view of a human settlement




2. Folding, faulting and Volcanoes
a) Folding
                  i) Landforms resulting from folding.
b) Faulting
                i) Landforms resulting from Faulting
                i) Intrusive volcanic landforms
                ii) Extrusive volcanic landforms
                iii) Caldera
                iv) Lava Plateaus
                v) Hot springs and geysers
                 i) Effects of earthquakes.


  1. Factors which influence vegetation
  2. Climatic Regions of the World
  3. Ecosystems:
    1. The Savannah ecosystem
    2. Equatorial Regions ecosystem
    3. The Hot desert ecosystem
  4. People and ecosystems


  1. Types of natural resources
  2. The exploitation of natural resources:
    1. Renewable Resources:
      1. Forestry
      2. Fishing
      3. Water
    2. Non-Rewable Resources
      1. Oil
      2. Copper Mining in Zambia
  3. Population and resources
  4. The effects of resource development

5. The conservation of resources



  1. Introduction
  2. Siting and location of settlements
  3. Classification of settlements:
    1. Rural settlements:
      1. Rural settlement patterns
      2. The quality of rural settlements
    2. Urban settlements and their structure:
      1. The concentric model/Burgess’s model (1924)
      2. Hoyt’s Sector model (1939)
      3. Harris and Ullman’s Multi-nuclei model (1945)
  4. Zimbabwe’s towns and cities
    1. The city of Harare
    2. The city of Bulawayo
    3. The city of Gweru
    4. The city of Mutare
  5. Urbanisation:
    1. Benefits and problems of Urbanisation
    2. Possible solutions to Urbanisation problems
  6. Urban hierarchy and sphere of influence:
    1. Factors that affect Spheres of influence
  7. District and Service centers

B. Population

  1. Introduction and importance of population studies
  2. Population census:
    1. Advantages and Disadvantages of a Population Census
  3. Registration as a source of population information
  4. Sample surveys as a source of population information
  5. Population Distribution:
    1. Factors affecting population distribution
  6. Population Distribution in Zimbabwe
  7. Population Distribution in Africa
  8. Population growth, change and structure:
    1. Population growth:

      1. Causes of Rapid Population change and the effects of rapid population change
    2. Population change
    3. Population structure
  9. Migration:
    1. Causes of Migrations
    2. Internal Migrations
    3. International Migrations
    4. The effects of migration
  10. Refugees:
    1. The refugee problem
    2. Possible solutions to the refugee problem
  11. Population and resources
    1. Population and Land
    2. Population and health
  12. Terms used in Population studies
  13. Killer diseases in the tropics:
    1. Bilharzia
    2. Malaria