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Site Completion
This site is still in its infancy and we are constantly updating the content.
We are working hard day and night to add new exams so check back in a week or so to see if the exam you are looking for is now available. You can also request an exam see the relevant FAQ on this. Bear in mind that we are extremely busy people with a life too so it will take time until we respond to your topic response even after we acknowledge receiving it. You should also know that Multiple Choice Exams are listed under MCQs instead of the Exams section which contains structured and essay question type exams.
These are multiple choice style questions where the candidate has the option to select one possible correct answer.
No you cannot download the question papers on this site due to copyright reasons. You can however browse through them on this site in preparation for your final examination. ZIMSEC sells past exam papers at their offices at a cost of $2 per paper.
We don’t sell notes or papers at the moment nor will we ever will. We are in the process of developing an app that will allow offline access to the site. We have never really sought to cater for the offline market as there are plenty of texts available to cater for this market.
We are constantly adding new topics and exams as fast as we can but if you are sure there is topic/exam not yet available and you feel you cannot wait to for it to become available via the normal process you can always request a topic via any of our Social Media pages
or Email [email protected] . You will have to be patient, this site is for the long haul and it will take time for us to complete topics for each subject.

There are many reasons for this.

Reason 1
This is an ad supported initiative. We need money to keep the site running and to pay for the internet costs which run into hundreds of dollars per month alone and to source the material that we use. The site does not bring much money but it goes a long way in defraying these costs.

Proof that our strategy is sound is that we used to have many rivals that have since gone under because they could not handle the cost. We need to make sure we carefully balance students needs with ours too.

Reason 2

This is one of the things that we are trying to avoid.

This is one of the things that we are trying to avoid.

Once we allow people to download these notes they will quickly proliferate and start photocopying them. People will not visit the site as often as they should and we will die just like our rivals. There are students who will need this site next year what will they do?

Reason 3

Those who want to download these notes because they do not have access to reliable internet should just use traditional methods of studying just like they have always done. I went to school not so long ago and we had no internet. Yes I got 15 points without Google!

Reason 4

Allowing people to download papers violates ZIMSEC’s copyrights; possibly according to our reading of their copyrights. If you want the papers ZIMSEC sells them at $2 a copy. Think of our site as something like YouTubeSpotify, Hulu and Netflix. You can view or listen as much as you want but you cannot download the song. We are going to be creating a Spotify like app that allows you to save the files for offline use but does not allow you to keep them indefinitely as you seem to want to do.

Reason 5

The content is always changing so allowing people to keep a single hard copy is like letting them have a physical copy of an antivirus. It is bound to get out of date soon.

I could go on but I think you get the picture.

Hope you found this useful

We are constantly adding new content to the site. It takes a long time to build something good and to the impatient it might seem we are taking too long but remember a year ago this site did not exist and this year alone we have helped over 50 000 people. So be patient.
Most people did not seem to understand how it was supposed to work, it was costly to maintain and people often abused the system by constantly reply to the no-reply email address creating even more traffic.