About Digital Frontline

We are a group of men and women who are crazy about technology and passionate to share our knowledge with today’s generation. We live in a digital world, a fact those tasked with overseeing our education constantly overlook. We have decided to step in the gap and bring the curriculum to you and today’s generation on a platform that is most accessible to them. So that they can more enjoy their learning experience and be the future that we want them to be. We are here to perpetually extend the horizons of possibility.

We share the conviction that education should be fun, painless and coeval with the world we live in and not be stuck to the whims and ages of its administrators. That the education process must constantly evolve to meet our needs.

Who we are

To bring Zimbabwean education to the internet.
We believe in constantly striving towards perfection. That the sky is the limit. That education is a journey. That knowledge should be availed to anyone. That the internet is the way of the future.
That we will slave to keep the content here up to date and in line with the current syllabi and to keep this knowledge available to you always when you need it the most. That nothing on heaven and earth shall prevent us from aiding you on your quest for knowledge. That we will be with you every step of the way to the exam room and beyond.
Although we have modest experience in the education industry, we have a n astonishing well proven record when it comes to delivering knowledge. We have been there before!

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Meet the visionary behind the project.

Garikai Dzoma
Garikai DzomaWriter and Tutor
Holds a Bachelor [Hons] of Accountancy Degree from the University of Zimbabwe. He is a computer enthusiast, a Blogger for Techzim, loves Shakespeare, had a dog named Baster as a kid, watched all the Penguins of Madagascar episodes and if you still doubt his credentials you should know he has watched The God Father trilogy at least 20 times which speaks to his OCD.